Best New Electric Car 2020

Tesla is consider the pioneer in the electric car industry since then a bunch of startups and some giant companies are on the race of building there flagship electric car to take over the industry.
Best New Electric Car 2020

Best New Electric Car: As the world is heading towards the eco-friendly products which can be recycled and don't harm the environment at all.

Best New Electric Car: As the world is heading towards the eco-friendly products which can be recycled and don’t harm the environment at all. So do the automobile industry. For a couple of years, the automobile industry is working on an alternative to fossil fuel. And, Tesla, the company founded by Elon musk back in 2003, is the leader in the electric automobile industry for a while. But it seems that in 2020 things will never be the same as before.

Top 10 Best New Electric Car in 2020

The automobile giants like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and others are getting prepared for there gaming changing vehicle. Which will both efficient and cheap then tesla with a bunch of other features. Our correspondent James Luke collected some of the upcoming electric vehicles which everyone should consider before buying any car. We are going to describe shortly the upcoming vehicle, which is best and unique than others.

List of Upcoming electric vehicle:

Best New Electric Car 2020
  • Audi e-Tron
  • Tesla Model 3
  • BMW i3
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • Chevrolet Bolt
  • Volkswagen e-Golf
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Fiat 500e

Audi e-Tron

Audi announced the e-Tron back in 2019. When the company promised to bring a car for its consumers that will both electric, compact and efficient.
And, the company also did as they said. Audi brought the Audi e-Tron and added some variants like the Sportback etc. The e-Tron is a four-door SUV that can be able to deliver almost 205 miles of range with a single charge. And the charging speed is also incredible; it can reach 0 to 80% charge within 30 to 35 min approx.
This car offers fast charging and an all-wheel-drive at the same time. And it not compromise anything the luxury of being an Audi and will cost around $76000 for the base model.

Best New Electric Car 2020

Tesla Model 3

Best New Electric Car 2020

As Tesla is the pioneer of the electric vehicle industry. They have some of the most reliable electric cars on there hands still now. Tesla Model 3 is one of them. It is considered to the entry-level car of Tesla. The Four-door sedan is full of amazing features and the industry-standard autonomous driving.
Which helps the car to drive automatically with any assistance of a human. Besides, This car can survive the harsh weather, low level of floods and severe car crash.As it offers many features, there is some downside also and which is pretty frustrating. As an example, the infotainment system doesn’t provide smart device sync. And, some are complaining that the range is not as much as tesla claims. The base model of Model 3 is priced around &35000, which estimated range is 250 miles and more.

BMW i3

The i3 is a two-door compact EV which is best for one and some times two persons as it is not targeted to be used as a family car. On the other hand, BMW focused on build quality and safety. The vehicle has a unique design. The car also doesn’t offer a long-range. On the other hand, the experience of driving is quite good. The is a digital infotainment system in the middle console of the car and which supports Apple Carplay sadly the android auto is still available. But shortly, this will be added.
They are to fog lamps which placed higher than regular cars. This adds a different look to the vehicle.
The car was announced in 2019 the now it is available around $45000 with offring the range of 153 miles approx.

Best New Electric Car 2020

Jaguar I-Pace

Best New Electric Car 2020

As all other companies have entered the race of EV. Recently Jaguar also announced their Electric car which is Jaguar I-Pace
The car is one of the fun to drive the car out there. It looks like a hatchback but in reality, its an SUV. With an integrated hybrid battery by the jaguar. The I-Pace comes with many features like safety, leather seats, sunroof, infotainment system with dual-screen, built-in wifi support and smart device sync.
The base model is available at approx $70000, which offers a range of around 234 miles.

Porsche Taycan

Taycan first EV from Porsche, which is a luxury sedan. The car offers a sporty look with a feel of a vehicle. The vehicle is considered better than the iconic 911 from Porsche.The Taycan offers a turbo engine that can deliver up 750 hp. And the interior is so appealing that the buyer can’t resist buying one Porsche Taycan for him. The car is priced at approx $106,000, which can provide a range of 201 miles.

Best New Electric Car 2020

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Best New Electric Car 2020

Any Mustang fans out there we have good news for you. The Owner of Mustang just lunched the Electric variant of Mustang. Isn’t it great, so let us have a look at some of its features?
The is equipped with a 459 horsepower engine and will be able to reach 0-60 mph in 3.5seconds with the facility of AWD. The infotainment system is integrated with a large touch display. Where you can get all the information you need and can be synced with your phone. The base price is close to $45000, and the estimated range is 210 miles.


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Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt EV features outstanding sporty handling, range, powerful acceleration, and spacious interior design. It also offers adult-friendly accommodation in both rows, although the cabin of the Bolt is not as upscale as many competing vehicles, and its seats do not support long trips. Thanks to its hatchback configuration, the Bolt holds a sizable cargo hold. The Bolt achieves decent crash test results and a forecast durability ranking which is slightly above average. It’s packed with standard niceties, including a Wi-Fi hot spot, GM’s Teen Driver security system and a 10.2-inch easy-to-use touch screen with the latest smartphone app integration.
And its starting price is $37000 with a range of 259 miles.

Best New Electric Car 2020

Volkswagen e-Golf

Best New Electric Car 2020

The Volkswagen e-Golf is one of the least expensive electric cars available today, but it doesn’t offer as much range as many competitors. Aside from its pure-electric powertrain, its gas-powered counterpart is almost identical to the e-Golf. It boasts a stunning cockpit, comfortable benches, cavernous amount of luggage, competent handling and a pleasant journey. The e-Golf is priced at $32000 with a range of 125 miles.

Nissan Leaf

The leaf is a car with a great interior and a regular car look outside. At first glance, one can detect that it an EV. The blade delivers precious acceleration and handling. The space in this car is far better than its rivals. The car will cost around $30000 with a range of 150 miles.

Best New Electric Car 2020

Fiat 500e

Best New Electric Car 2020

Fiat is also coming up with an EV similar to the BMW i3 size. But the spices are far more different. The 500e us city-driven car and as i3 it’s also best for one or two-person. There are not much is know about it as it is only available in Oregon and California only. But whenever it arrives globally, we will publish a full review of 500e. It will cost around $34000 and an estimated range of 84 miles.

Final Thought

These are the best EVs till now as we are expecting some new ones within the next couple of months. So, if you have any plans to buy a car, you must check them before taking any decision.

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