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Unlimited Access with a fast, easy and secure Internet connection: take back your online privacy with VyprVPN Apk. Protect your identity and privacy and connect easily to a virtual private network on any device. Stream global content, enjoy the strongest web encryption and fast download and streaming speed with no caps, no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy the security of a virtual private network and forget about throttling, geo-locked content, identity theft and online privacy concerns. Now, you can have it all.

Top 5 reasons to download VyprVPN for Android:

  • 3-Day Trial: protect your identity and try VyprVPN at no risk. Discover our safe and private VPN connection with no commitments and easy cancellation.
  • Zero Logging: we have a no-log policy, and we will never monitor, expose or transmit your private data to third parties. Our independent audits prove it. We believe a virtual private network should stay that way—private.
  • Unlimited Access: unblock and download your favourite content, and say goodbye to data caps and buffering when streaming. No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered.
  • 70+ Global Server Locations: with over 700 servers and 200,000+ IPs spanning 70 countries and six continents, you can freely browse from anywhere in the world.
  • Fast Servers: defeat throttling. Our upgraded servers guarantee the best download speeds and fastest connections for gaming, streaming or downloading.

VyprVPN App offers one of the most secure browsing experiences available. From owning our fast and reliable servers to a strict a no-log, no throttling policy (and providing the level of web encryption that works best for you. Our app provides it with all. Truly unlimited Access with a VPN connection, and powerful web encryption to match. Discover more of

VyprVPN’s features:

  • Easy to Use on All Devices: Laptop, tablet, smartphone, router or even your TV—VyprVPN keeps all your connections safe. And our app is available on Android, Windows, iOS and more.
  • Strong Unblocking with Chameleon™ Protocol: Get past any firewall blocking at school, college or when you travel with our remarkable technology. Our Chameleon™ Protocol scrambles your connection with the best web encryption to protect your identity and ensure that internet service providers and governments can’t recognize you.
  • “Kill Switch” for Unstable Connections: Kill Switch stops internet traffic when VyprVPN disconnects or is not enabled. This ensures maximum security and online privacy, as you’ll never connect to the internet without VPN protection.
  • Extra Security with NAT Firewall: With our NAT firewall, browse and shop online with peace of mind and prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.
  • Ad-Free: Enjoy a secure and ad-free app experience, even with our free Trial.
  • 24x7x365 Support: If you have any questions, our dedicated support team is there to help you.

Why Use a Virtual Private Network?

Still not sure why you should use VyprVPN for all your network traffic? Here are five reasons to connect with our VPN app:

  • Increase Privacy and Security – Encrypt and secure your Wi-Fi or hardwired web connection to keep hackers or third-party snoops from seeing your browsing activity.
  • Bypass Restrictive Networks and Censorship – Escape school or government censorship, including the Great Firewall of China. Our VPN creates a private, encrypted “tunnel” so you can get around those blocks.
  • Improve your Streaming and Gaming Experience – Defeat throttling put in place by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Unblock & Access Geo-Blocked Content – Choose an IP location from anywhere in the world and access unlimited content.
  • Defeat Data Retention – Keep your data hidden and stop the government from controlling what you can see. VyprVPN is independently audited to verify its no-log status.

If you’re ready, so are we! Try VyprVPN for three days, 100% free.

Getting an Android VPN Is Easy

  • Sign up for an account: Having an Android VPN is a cinch that comes with a 30-day cash back promise to seek a risk-free Android VPN. Simply insert your e-mail address and payment method to continue.
  • Download the App: VyprVPN is simple to use and quick to use VPN software on both the desktop and mobile devices.
  • Link to VyprVPN: You have it set up! Login and immediately experience the VyprVPN service with your credentials.

Accessible to Use but Powerful Enough for Whatever You Need

  • Public Wi-Fi: immediately connect and encrypt your internet traffic to an anonymous wireless networking network through your Android VPN. Always ensure that your contact is secure from hackers or snoops.
  • Kill Switch: Require Kill Switch to block all internet and network traffic immediately if VyprVPN disconnects or is not allowed. Kill Turn provides the best defence.
  • Link per device: Manage and configure per device output of VPN access for enhanced power. Consider which programs use the VPN and which do not use automatically.

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