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    Hello, thanks for your visit and also showing interest in this APK file for android. You can download this APK file for free and for version and other details check our ‘Additional Info’ section below. This is an original APK file and if any materials including the APK file on our site violates your rights then, report us.


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    WHAT's new in VeryfitPro App Apk

    MOD Features of VeryfitPro App Apk

    Veryfitpro App is frequently updating the app in order to give you the best android experience. Turn on auto-updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

    Optimize known issues

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    More about VeryfitPro App Apk

    Features of VeryfitPro

    • By definition, the goal is 10,000 steps a day, but you can adjust the app’s target. VeryfitPro App APK Features To adjust your regular step goal, open the “VeryFitPro” device, tap on the “Client,” “Goal Setting.”
    • Show the key GUI in the window, then click to track heart rate, steps, calories, length, and exercise time.
      In the fitness chapter, Fitness Rx offers Multi-sports mode like Hiking, Fitness, Basketball, Badminton, Cycling, Bike, Biking, Driving and Walking.
    • When doing exercise, make sure that you select a sport mode by pressing this 3-second mode so that your dynamic data is accurately recorded when you do various exercises.
    • Use your Gym Rx to bed to monitor your sleep and the performance of your sleep automatically. The next time the data is synchronized, depth, light, and wake-sleep will appear.
    • Pair your monitor using VeryFitPro APP to show your sleep information: go to the main page app, pull the button to change the details.
    • Tracker for sleep helps you learn about your sleep.
    • Rx Gym facilitates input phone call notifications, check texts, warning, and sedentary warnings to be programmed in the software.
    • Place the warning in order to remember if you’re sedentary in the process for too long. Click on the “Clock” icon to set time in “Device” > “Alarm alerts.”
    • On the top right of this page press the Save button. Up to 10 warnings Exercise Therapy alert of help from different applications, including Deep breathing brings more oxygen to the bloodstream, through cardiac capacities. This helps the nervous system to be supportive, reduces pressure and induces a sense of calmness.
    • Select “Further” and trigger the “weather prediction” feature under “App” on the “VeryFitPro” device home page.
    • Activate the role of Music control in the device.
    • Both warnings and updates below are equipped with: Exercise RX
    • Online Payments for Subscription

    Other Features of App

    • To find more DO NOT DISTURB MODE functions, tap “More” device interface: to enter DO NOT
      DISTURB mode, click this button.
    • STOPWATCH MODE: Transform the monitor into a stop-clock if necessary.
    • CAMERA SHOT MODE: Make sure your camera isn’t locked to take a picture with your iPhone, by clicking on a fitness tracker icon (NOTE: There is no inner camera in the Gym RX.)
    • Fitness Rx has five screen modes: TIME Screen SWITCH. To choose the mode you like, press.
    • SHAKE WRIST TO DISPLAY MODE: switch on this model in the system if you don’t want to swipe to wake up the display each time. This feature is also available on the web, “Lift a bright handle screen.
    • ALAMS: See the alarms that you have established. Showing a total of 10 warnings. Please do so in the app to change the alarm setting.
    • MONITOR ON / OFF HEART RATE SWITCH: you can switch the heart rate monitor on or off. If your heart rate information is not available, verify that the device is disabled unintentionally.
      For more apps, please click on the button “Computer” > “More.”
    • Fitness Rx offers 8 activity modes: walk, run, go hiking, badminton, fitness, walking, basketball, etc. GPS trackers are used in the first four activity modes. For this feature to work, you MUST have your smartphone with you.
    • Fitness Rx has seven different languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. The following languages are available.
    • Activate the weather prediction function in the app to display the weather on the device.
    • Once this feature is activated, when the connection to your mobile is broken, the system vibrates.
    • Activate this option in the app, you can find an activity tracker[ mode] icon in the’ More’ section, and in this function, you can choose either 12h or 24h mode.
    • Please note: in the fitness tracker you can not set up time. The time is automatically updated when the device is synchronized with the Smartphone.
    • Each segment defines the heart rate area.
    • With this function, you can adjust your maximum heart rate to adapt to your heart rate zone.

    You can either activate or disable this functionality in the software or, if appropriate, in the system restart.

    For a term of one (1) year from the date of purchase (“the Warranty Term”), Microtella must promise to your original purchaser that your Microtella branded system or Microtella branded product attachments (collectively the “Product”) are free from defects in content or manufacture under ordinary usage. In the United States of America, the guarantee region is restricted.

    See https:/ for more specifics on the insurance plan.

    The items have been designed to be worn all day long. Please follow certain brief guidelines when using your smart devices and keeping them. We have given you the following tips in order to keep your wristband clean and your skin comfortably, in particular after sweat or exposure to substances including soap and detergent which may attach to the interior of the wristband. In order to keep your wristband clever and your skin comfortable.
    Do not use kitchen cleanser to rinse the necklace. Please, rinse and wipe soapless detergent with a piece of soft towel or towel

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    Smart Wearable Devices49,013 3.0 Modify some translations in English, German and French 5,000,000+


    VeryfitPro App Apk

    Record every movement accurately.Plenty of personal reminders.

    Version 3.3.0
    Size Varies with device
    Language System Default
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    This app has access to:
    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
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    Device ID & call information
    • read phone status and identity
    • precise location (GPS and network-based)
    • approximate location (network-based)
    Device & app history
    • retrieve running apps
    • read phone status and identity
    • directly call phone numbers
    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    • read the contents of your USB storage
    • read your contacts
    Wi-Fi connection information
    • view Wi-Fi connections
    • update component usage statistics
    • adjust your wallpaper size
    • read Home settings and shortcuts
    • receive data from the Internet
    • choose widgets
    • set wallpaper
    • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
    • full network access
    • measure app storage space
    • modify system settings
    • View network connections
    • access Bluetooth settings
    • prevent the device from sleeping
    • expand/collapse status bar
    • control vibration
    • run at startup
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