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Snap. Tap. Done. Snap a photo of your W-2 or 1099-MISC, answer simple questions about your life, and e-file securely from your mobile device. Free to start, pay only when you file. TurboTax app apk coaches you every step of the way and automatically double-checks as you go, so you can be confident your taxes are done right. Join the millions who file taxes with the TurboTax mobile app – free to file for simple tax returns.

KEY FEATURES of Turbo Tax Mobile

  • $0 Fed. $0 State. $0 to File your simple tax returns.
  • Start for free – pay only when you feel free to file your tax return or pay for TurboTax using your federal tax refund. Fees apply.
  • Connect online with Real CPAs or EAs for unlimited tax advice and even a line-by-line review, so you can be 100% confident it’s done right.
  • Maximum Refund Guaranteed – On Average $3,284
  • Get your taxes done right anytime from anywhere. Seamlessly switch between any device and securely pick up right where you left off when it’s convenient for you.
  • Snap. Tap. Done. Driver’s License or State ID scan + W-2 Snap and Autofill + 1099-MISC
  • Up to a 50% head start on your taxes with year-over-year data transfer of your prior TurboTax return
  • CompleteCheck™ – Get the green light to file. Before you file, CompleteCheck™ will run an in-depth scan of your return and guide you through any final changes so you don’t miss a thing with accuracy guaranteed.
  • Push notifications – We’ll make it easy to stay informed about your e-file return status with notifications sent straight to your phone or tablet
  • Face ID, Touch ID and Passcode – Get secure access on your mobile device using the latest technology.

See full disclosure and disclaimers here: https://turbotax.intuit.com/corp/mobile-apps/turbotax-disclosures/

TurboTax Free Guarantee – $0 Federal + $0 State + $0 To File offer is available for simple tax returns with TurboTax Free Edition; offer may change or end at any time without notice. A simple tax return is Form 1040 only, without schedules 1, 2, or 3.

TurboTax pricing is based on your tax situation and varies by product. Actual prices are determined at the time of print or e-file and are subject to change without notice. Special discount offers may not be valid for use of mobile in-app purchases.

Offer details and disclosures for Refund Advance program, visit: https://turbotax.intuit.com/refund-advance/

Learn how Intuit protects your privacy, visit: https://security.intuit.com/privacy

How Turbo Tax works

  • Simple questions are answered. We do all math. We do everything. Just tell us about your year and what you are doing for cash, whether you have babies, whether you own or rent, or whether you have contributed money. Via growing move, we will lead you.
  • With a snap, grab the W-2. Get your taxes going by taking a W-2 photo of your phone or tablet, check the data and see that the information is securely put in all ways that you want.
  • Report trustworthy. We guarantee 100% accurate calculations. When you go to double-check your tax return before you register, we perform thousands of error screening.

Why Turbo Tax?

  • We are asking for over 350 payments. Any reduction in taxes and benefit that you apply for would be assured for you with the greatest tax refund.
  • It examined every detail. Let the electronic tax report carefully checked prior to filing so that you can be confident nothing is missing.
  • Calculations 100% correct. Our estimates are 100% correct such that you have a proper, free tax return, otherwise, we can not face some IRS fines for you.
  • Changes in big life? Could we help you marry Got? Had a kid? Have you purchased a house? TurboTax will help you and your special case discover potential tax advantages and credits.
  • Guidance for an audit. Our audit service policy covers all personal TurboTax returns with free one-on-one audit advice from a qualified tax professional.
  • For the fastest potential tax return. Electronically register your taxes (e-file) and obtain IRS email acknowledgement when your electronic tax return is approved. Then monitor your tax return easily with our TurboTax mobile app on your phone to see if your refund hits your account.

Download TurboTax Tax Return App

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