Roof Hub
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Roof Hub

By SRS Distribution

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WHAT's new in Roof Hub Pro App Apk for Android

Screenshots from this APK

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More about Roof Hub Pro App Apk for Android

Welcome to Roof Hub Pro, your digital link to the future of building products distribution. Roof Hub is your one-stop-shop for managing the business your company does with the SRS family of brands.

Roof Hub offers SRS Distribution’s loyal customers the ability to:

  • Track Deliveries in real-time
  • View Order details
  • View Jobsite Photos.
  • Order more material for previous jobs
  • View Invoices
  • View Accounts Payable
  • Find our Nearest Branch
  • Receive Notifications of when your job is En Route, Arrived, and Delivered
  • See our scheduled Branch Events
  • And more!

Roof Hub is also available in Spanish!

We are excited to continue development on more exciting features and can’t wait to deliver those features to our loyal customers!

Register now or register for the new smartphone Roof Hub client credentials to take advantage of the fantastic capabilities of Roof Hub that help you run the company better.

Features of Rub Hub App

  • State in real-time distribution – See all the deliveries in real-time GPS monitoring. Confirm the shipping with your shipped order pictures.
  • Open contract. Private request – Check Open Date or Keyword instructions. Store as a reference or add products to the order.
  • Context of the evidence – Show invoice background including complete transaction, proof of production, the status of payment and more.
  • Sensor leasing – Monitor your orders in real-time using our GPS monitoring device for showing truck positions.
  • Rain statistics, Temperature details – Keep abreast of all the hail and other extreme wetter happenings in the region.
  • Promotions for Supplier – Take the hard work out and let us supply the manufacturer with your purchasing details.

Roof Hub comes with details to make it simpler for you to operate your company.

  • The Open State of Distribution.
  • Climate Atlas Online.
  • Files for distribution.
  • Past of Justice and Evidence Available.
  • Finder for Office Rental.
  • Promotions for Manufacturer.
  • Tools for calculating.
  • Fast delivery. Easy stock.
  • Services school.

About Roof Hub Pro

SRS Distribution Inc. is comprised of a consortium of major, autonomous roofing firms with a shared purpose: to base all our efforts on supporting the roofing contractor. SRS Distribution Inc. SRS is a private corporation owned by Leonard Green and Berkshire Capital and operated by a management team of members of the sector who are knowledgeable of the specifications of the market contractor.
After the launch in February 2008, the SRS has expanded exponentially through acquisitions and the creation of many new sites. SRS is one of the most steadily growing building service firms in the USA, with this steady development. To order for us to remain a high-growth company in the years to come, Series has excellent customer and banking partnerships and a healthy balance sheet.
SRS aims at creating the largest network of independent roofing dealers with the most qualified workers to provide the most beautiful goods and services in the industry. In addition to our dedication to the service of our clients, SRS is also the industry’s favourite employer of highly engaged and dedicated workers who function in an organizational climate under which our business unit operates with the market, not the other way around.
SRS is also dedicated to becoming our many trusted suppliers’ most desirable sourcing partner through the development of mutual, long-standing partnerships built on confidence and friendship. With roofing responsible for almost 95 per cent of revenue, SRS has a rather small product range. Such emphasis helps us at each location to experience a more extensive and broader range of roofing materials than many of our rivals.

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  • Description: Welcome to Roof Hub Pro, your digital link to the future of building products distribution. Roof Hub is your one-stop-shop for managing the business
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Roof Hub is your digital link to the future of building products distribution.
Roof Hub

Roof Hub Pro App Apk for Android

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  • read phone status and identity
  • precise location (GPS and network-based)
  • approximate location (network-based)
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  • receive data from the Internet
  • choose widgets
  • set wallpaper
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • full network access
  • measure app storage space
  • modify system settings
  • View network connections
  • access Bluetooth settings
  • prevent the device from sleeping
  • expand/collapse status bar
  • control vibration
  • run at startup
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Roof Hub Mobile App Features


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