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Radiopublic Podcast App is frequently updating the app in order to give you the best music apps for android experience. Turn on auto-updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

UI improvements, updates to address new versions of Android and background sync changes

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  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot
  • RadioPublic: Free Podcast App For Android Screenshot

Information about Radiopublic Podcast App

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Total Installs100,000
Current VersionVaries with device
Required OSAndroid
Total Reviews988
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More About the Apps

You’re ready to find something good to listen to. Whether you Google “podcasts” as a first-time podcast listener or you’re a long-time podcast addict, Radiopublic App free, easy to use podcast player for Android makes listening to podcasts simple, enjoyable, & fun. (Also: free. We like that podcasts are free & we don’t provide our app for free at the expense of your privacy or personal data; we don’t require an account or social login to browse or listen. And unlike other free apps, we have no banner ads AND offer features that only paid apps to have.)

Radiopublic Podcast App Catalogue

When you download the app through a podcast’s RadioPublic link, we magically return you to the show to listen^ subscribe If you’re not sure what else to add to your queue after that, you can search through our catalogue of 500,000 podcasts (!!) for popular podcasts, podcast audiobooks, music podcasts (Spotify & Pandora aren’t the only places for listening to music!), & podcasts from networks like Gimlet, Radiotopia, BBC, Earwolf, Maximum Fun, HowStuffWorks, Stitcher, & the CBC or from news publications like The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, & USA Today.

The human touch

Our Podcast Librarians regularly highlight award-winning podcasts, picking shows at the top of podcast charts like Apple Podcasts from NPR, WNYC, & PRX like This American Life, Criminal, & Serial while digging deep to surface small indie podcasts.

Overwhelmed by all the choices?
Tune in to one of our podcast stations organized by topic, theme, or time of day (podcasts are perfect for folding laundry!). Browse our podcast playlists curated by podcast experts & listeners like you, or explore some of our popular categories like Trending on RadioPublic, Indies to Watch, News & Current Events, Portraits of People, Interviews with Musicians, & Shows that Talk about Pop Culture. All our podcast recommendations are hand-curated by real humans & as one happy listener said, “I love all of the recommendations from their librarians. Total game-changer.” (We couldn’t agree more.)

Key benefits & features of Radiopublic App

RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means that everything we do benefits podcast listeners & podcasters alike.

  • Add a HearMark™ to any podcast episode to bookmark a moment you want to return to
  • Download episodes while on WiFi & listen without using mobile data
  • Tap play & stream podcast episodes without waiting for a download
  • Create a continuous playlist by adding episodes to your queue
  • Share podcasts & episodes with friends
  • Follow your favourite shows & get notified when new episodes are published
  • Hop to a specific moment in a show selected by a podcaster with chapter support
  • Frequent app updates from nice people who love podcasts & podcasters. (Our release notes are a thing of beauty. We like Canadian references a lot.)

Features power users will love

• Adjust playback speed or Trim Silence
• Smart Folders help organize & filter your shows/episodes
• Auto-downloads for offline listening
• Add any podcast, including private Patreon RSS feeds
• Import/export your shows using OPML import

How podcasters benefit from listening on RadioPublic

• Podcasters can be paid when their show is heard in RadioPublic
• Your brand-new listeners arrive at your show first
• Stats appear in your hosting dashboard
• Message your most loyal listeners with Affinity Promotions

As one happy podcaster said, “RadioPublic’s development of Paid Listens is created with producers in mind. You all are going to revolutionize the industry.”

That revolution is to help us create the podcast republic we want. Happy listening!

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