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Hello, thanks for your visit and also showing interest in this APK file for android. You can download this APK┬áfile for free and for version and other details check our ‘Additional Info’ section below. This is an original APK file and if any materials including the APK┬áfile on our site violates your rights then, report us.


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WHAT's new in Lockit App

Lockit App is frequently updating the app in order to give you the best security app for smartphone experience. Turn on auto-updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

1. Performance optimization  for android
2. Fix some bugs.

Screenshots from this APK

  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot
  • LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock Screenshot

More about Lockit App

The Best App Lock and Privacy Guard, Protect All Your Privacy – FREE Lockit Apk

Did your sweetheart consistently check messages, call logs or WhatsApp messages?

Did companions inadvertently observe your private photographs or recordings?

Did guardians/kids are interested in your games and FaceBook status?

It monstrosities you out when others take your telephone and furtively see your private substance.

Ôľ║Applock gives you in general security insurance. giving APP LOCK, PHOTOS and VIDEOS VAULT, INTRUDER SELFIE, THEMES, FAKE COVER, FINGERPRINT LOCK, NOTIFICATION LOCK, SAFETY REMINDER TOOLS, and more security assurance.

The most security AppLock! you should have a protection monitor!

  • Choose APPLock, Don’t hazard your private pictures, mystery recordings or photograph collections falling into an inappropriate hand or being erased!
  • Choose AppLock, You don’t have to stress over your companions getting your telephone to mess around.
  • Choose AppLock, Your associates can’t thwart your protection on your telephone anymore.
  • Choose AppLock, Never stress over different apps perusing your private information.
  • Choose AppLock, Children are not ready to change the setting of your telephone and wreckage up your information.

Features of Lockit

  • App lock: Lock apps containing private substance by utilizing pin, example and unique mark.
  • Photo Safe Vault: Hide photographs. Try not to stress over your private photographs getting saw by others.
  • Video Safe Vault: Hide video in video vault, progressively secure.
  • Privacy Status: Intelligent security assurance can check your protection status´╝îProtect every one of your privileged insights continuously.
  • Intruder Selfie: Prevent Intruders Who Try to Unlock Your Apps
  • Fake Cover: Disguise your apps unlock screen to keep from breaking into your secret key.
  • Notification Cleaner: Block and clean garbage warnings.
  • Notification Lock: Hide review warning message content from snoopers.
  • Free Themes: More free subjects make your lock screen Beautifully
  • Lock apps: lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Skype.
  • Lock frameworks: lock framework settings, introduce/uninstall apps to get telephone far from being destroyed by others or children.
  • Lock Google Play Store: lock games and markets to keep your children from getting dependent on games or buying in business sectors without you information.
  • Lock approaching call: Prevent sweetheart to pickup ex-private calls
  • Notification bar: Adding a new Notification bar to your screen, for speedy lock app or unlock app and more security assurance tips.
  • Hide design draw way and be undetectable: Unlock increasingly secure.
  • Set irregular digits as pin console: Unlock increasingly secure.
  • LOCKit can be kept from being uninstall
  • Lock new apps
  • Minimum asset utilized: LOCKit is currently quicker and lighter than any time in recent memory, Little bundle size permits us to limit RAM.
  • Easy-to-utilize and easy to use GUI
  • Supports dialects: English´╝îSpanish´╝îFrench´╝îChinese´╝îArabic´╝îPortuguese´╝îRussian´╝îIndonesian´╝îPersian´╝îMalaysia´╝îThailand´╝îHindi´╝îBengali

FAQs of the app

1. How to utilize the Fingerprint Lock?

Unique finger impression locks just backings android 6.0+ And it requires equipment support for unique mark recognition.If your gadget bolsters unique mark acknowledgment, you can empower unique finger impression lock in settings.

2. Why I can’t move photographs or recordings into Vault?

If you don’t mind check if your photographs or recordings are in the outside SD card. For certain gadgets above Android 5.0, LOCKit needs the authorization to ensure your photographs or recordings in the outer SD card.

Permissions need for this app

This app utilizes Accessibility administrations.

For new clients, if it’s not too much trouble adhere to the guidelines and approve consents for LOCKit to work.

Don’t hesitate to send your input to us! [email protected]

LOCKit will Protect Your Privacy.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestlockit

  • Name: Download Lockit App Apk Free for Android [Latest]
  • Alternate Name: LOCKit
  • URL: https://apkhound.com/apps/lockit-app-apk
  • Description: The Best App Lock and Privacy Guard, Protect All Your Privacy – FREE Lockit ApkDid your sweetheart consistently check messages,
  • Keywords: Lockit Apk, Lockit App, Lockit App Apk, Lockit App Download, Lockit App Lock Download
  • SameAs: https://apkhound.com/apps/lockit-app-apk
  • OS: Android
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  • Image: https://apkhound.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/lockit.png
  • Price: 0.00
  • Currency: USD
  • URL: https://apkhound.com/apps/lockit-app-apk
  • Author: Said Azmad
  • Best Rating: 5
  • Rating Value: 4.7
  • Reviews: 494911
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Source: Google Play
Lock apps, Guard private files, Hide photos & videos, No more snoopers.

Lockit App

Version Latest
Size Varies with device
APKHound Offer this download for free. And, these are fully tested by APKHound Team. We try to offer best and for maintain our service as it is we use ads or affiliate links to generate the fuel for our hound. Hope you understand and thanks for supporting us.

Additional Information

Content Rating

Check Google policy about ratings.


APKHound Protect

Safe to use



Required OS


Interactive Elements

Users Interact

Developer Details

Check Developer Page

Permissions Details

This app has access to:
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
Device ID & call information
  • read phone status and identity
  • precise location (GPS and network-based)
  • approximate location (network-based)
Device & app history
  • retrieve running apps
  • read phone status and identity
  • directly call phone numbers
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • read your contacts
Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • update component usage statistics
  • adjust your wallpaper size
  • read Home settings and shortcuts
  • receive data from the Internet
  • choose widgets
  • set wallpaper
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • full network access
  • measure app storage space
  • modify system settings
  • View network connections
  • access Bluetooth settings
  • prevent the device from sleeping
  • expand/collapse status bar
  • control vibration
  • run at startup
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