UVO eServices

UVO eServices

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Provides telematics services for compatible Kia vehicles* without UVO link

UVO Eservices App Apk is frequently updating the app in order to give you the best automobile care app for android experience. Turn on auto-updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

  • UVO activation updates and general stability improvements.

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More About the Apps

This app is only for Kia vehicles with UVO eServices App. If your vehicle is equipped with UVO link, UVO luxe, or UVO eco, please download Kia Access with UVO link:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myuvo.link
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kia-access-with-uvo-link/id1280548773
NOTE: If you have the 3.4.2 or earlier version please delete the App and install the new App version 3.5.1 from this page. Stay informed and prepared wherever you go with UVO eServices. UVO eServices is a Kia Motors America telematics service for select vehicles without built-in connectivity (no remote capabilities).

Using your smartphone, Kia UVO Eservices App Apk for Android can provide the following features:

1. Vehicle Diagnostics: Diagnose whether problems exist within major vehicle systems. If an abnormality exists, you can call Kia Roadside Assist or schedule a service appointment with your Kia Dealership directly from the vehicle or using the UVO app.
2. Roadside Assist: Contact Kia Roadside Assistance Program with just a click.
3. MyPOIs: Synchronize your POIs list from your Kia owner account with your vehicle’s navigation system.
4. Parking Minder: Save your vehicle’s parked location where the vehicle parked and navigate to it later, or send the location to a friend.
5. My Car Zone: Create records of when your vehicle is travelling faster than a set speed, starts driving later than a set time or enters a set restricted area
6. Trip Info: Analytics of your monthly driving habits such as total driving distance and average speed.
7. Dealer Appointments: Request service appointments at a dealership of your choosing.

For more information about UVO eServices, visit https://owners.kia.com/us/en/about-uvo-eservices.html

*To use UVO eServices, you will need a Kia vehicle equipped with UVO eServices, have registered a Kia owner account at owners.kia.com, and a compatible smartphone. You can check your vehicle and phone compatibility at https://owners.kia.com/content/owners/en/uvo-availability.html/

For help on your UVO eServices system, contact the UVO call centre at 1-844-886-9411

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