Evie Launcher
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Evie Launcher

By Evie Labs Inc.

188235 Reviews




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Hello, thanks for your visit and also showing interest in this APK file for android. You can download this APK file for free and for version and other details check our ‘Additional Info’ section below. This is an original APK file and if any materials including the APK file on our site violates your rights then, report us.


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WHAT's new in Evie App Launcher

Evie App Apk is frequently updating the app in order to give you the best android launcher experience. Turn on auto-updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

Bringing you the 🔥 update today:

  • Ability to alphabetize apps in folders
  • Homescreen backups can now be removed
  • Bug fixes

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
🐿️ Team Evie

Screenshots from this APK

  • Evie Launcher Screenshot
  • Evie Launcher Screenshot
  • Evie Launcher Screenshot
  • Evie Launcher Screenshot
  • Evie Launcher Screenshot

More about Evie App Launcher

Experience Evie App Launcher for Android — an unparalleled homescreen replacement, designed with performance in mind.

“Deliciously different” — Android Headlines
“Performance is spectacular” — 9to5Google
“Shakes up the usual Android launcher approach” — GreenBot

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🏆 15 Best Android Launchers of 2017 — Android Authority
🏆 Best Android Launchers of 2017 — Phone Arena

Key Features of Evie App 

  • Universal Search
    Search inside all of your apps in one place. Let us do the hard work for you!
  • Quick Navigation
    Not in the mood to use our lightning-fast search? Swipe up for instant access to all of your apps instead.
  • Custom Shortcuts
    Long press on search results to create custom shortcuts. Need to “Call mom” in a jiffy? Make it a shortcut!
  • Personalization
    Import and customize layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons, icon size, or start from scratch! You are unique, and we think your home screen should be too. [1]
  • [1] For the double-tap to lock feature, the ‘Instant Lock’ option uses the Device Administrator permission. The ‘Time Lock’ option requires no additional permissions.

New Features Evie Launcher

  • 🔥 Choose a search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing)
  • 🔥 Lock home screen icons
  • 🔥 Show more local results in search (type less!)
  • 🔥 Frequently used apps in search (except for hidden apps )
  • 🔥 Android O notifications
  • 🔥 App drawer and folder grid customization

Helpful Tips About Evie Apk App

  • 💡Access Settings: long-press on an empty space on the home screen, or type “Evie Settings” into search.
  • 💡Create Folders: long press an icon and drag it over another icon.
  • 💡App Options: long press on icons to access icon customization and other options.
  • 💡Create Shortcuts: long press on a search result to create a custom shortcut.
  • 💡 Remove apps from the home screen: long press on an icon, drag and drop the icon over the “Remove” button at the top of the screen.
  • 💡 Add a home screen: Long press an icon and drag to the far right of the screen. Empty home screens are not currently supported.
  • 💡 Uninstall: Make sure “Double Tap to Unlock” gesture is disabled before uninstalling.

If you 💕 us, let us know with a rating ⭐️ and join our community (www.reddit.com/r/EvieLauncher)! If you hate us… keep it to yourself. Teehee, just kidding. We still love you, and want to hear your feedback on how we can improve your experience!


Thank you so much for using Evie. Happy customizing!

*** A special thank you goes out to our awesome translation team. We couldn’t do it without you! ***

Evie Translation Team:
Catalan [Arnau R, Albert PM, Eudald PP]
Czech [David K, Anna T, Vaclav B]
French [Jeremy A, Tim J, Nathan S, Caribou, Amiinos E]
German [Martin P, Holger B, Marty S, Labo]
Italian [Marco C, Ashif , Lucas DM, Alessio S, Naaah, Stefano T]
Korean [jine0th, dev tools, kdy4, Yang JH, yun05]
Polish [Robert D, Łukasz J, Patryk A, Piotr B]
Portuguese [Marcelo M, Erwin B, Celoaz, Eduardo B, Gleyson A, Walter S]
Russian [Alex W, Misha S, Dasein, Max G, Yuri Z, Rodney E]
Spanish [David H, Carlos AP, Amiinos E, Matias CS]
Swedish [Johan D]
Turkish [Kaan C, HealGea, Saim KY, Neko K]
Vietnamese [Truong D]

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  • Alternate Name: Evie Launcher
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  • Currency: USD
  • URL: https://apkhound.com/apps/evie-launcher-app-apk
  • Author: Said Azmad
  • Best Rating: 5
  • Rating Value: 4.6
  • Reviews: 188235
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Source: Google Play
Evie makes your phone faster and easier to use.
Evie Launcher

Evie App Launcher

Version Latest
Size Varies with device
APKHound Offer this download for free. And, these are fully tested by APKHound Team. We try to offer best and for maintain our service as it is we use ads or affiliate links to generate the fuel for our hound. Hope you understand and thanks for supporting us.

Additional Information

Content Rating

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Developer Details

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Permissions Details

This app has access to:
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
Device ID & call information
  • read phone status and identity
  • precise location (GPS and network-based)
  • approximate location (network-based)
Device & app history
  • retrieve running apps
  • read phone status and identity
  • directly call phone numbers
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • read your contacts
Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • update component usage statistics
  • adjust your wallpaper size
  • read Home settings and shortcuts
  • receive data from the Internet
  • choose widgets
  • set wallpaper
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • full network access
  • measure app storage space
  • modify system settings
  • View network connections
  • access Bluetooth settings
  • prevent the device from sleeping
  • expand/collapse status bar
  • control vibration
  • run at startup
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