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Try not to take any risks at the DMV Premium Apk. With DMV Genie, you’ll easily finish your vehicle, bike or CDL composed test. You’ll be amazed how close the app is to the genuine article!


Prepare for your 2019 composed grant test or driver’s permit test with one of a kind inquiry composed dependent on your state’s authentic driver’s handbook. Our clients swear that the greater part of the inquiries is fundamentally the same as (frequently indistinguishable) from those on the genuine test. You’ll know precisely what’s in the store since our DMV practise tests have a similar breezing through the score as the genuine assessment, as well.

  • Realistic: simply like the real vehicle, cruiser or CDL test, our DMV practice tests depend on the authority 2019 DMV manual for your state
  • Pass Probability (new): See how you’d score on the official test in the event that you took it today. The Pass Probability calculation performs complex counts progressively dependent on your action. It consolidates these with different heuristics to assess your chances of passing and makes brilliant recommendations on what you have to do to be completely arranged.
  • Smart clues: this assistance with dubious inquiries and steer you the correct way
  • Detailed clarifications: when you commit an error, the app reveals to you straight away if an inquiry isn’t right and why. There is a reference to the specific section in the handbook. You comprehend and recall each off-base answer
  • State-explicit: one of a kind inquiry for each U.S. express, the app works for each DMV, DDS, BMV, MVA, RMV, DOR, MVC, MVD, DOT, DOL in the nation
  • Difficulty Levels: from Easy to Exam
  • Your customized Challenge Bank: chip away at the most confusing inquiries overall vehicle, cruiser or CDL practice tests
  • New inquiries without fail: to cause you to remain alert, we randomize questions and answers each time you restart a training test
  • Review each question: gain from your mix-ups
  • 1.01 Million downloads

Download your state’s legitimate DMV Driver’s manual from our site here:


There are a few trouble levels you can look over. You can take the training tests in a specific request, however, most clients go from Easy to Exam Mode. Along these lines, you won’t miss any of those precarious inquiries regarding speed limits, Blood Alcohol Content or driving-related fines. For looking over a particular territory of the Handbook you can rehearse tests explicitly for street signs, street circumstances, and fines and speed limits. Visit your Challenge Bank (The Hardest tab) to chip away at the inquiries you’ve missed.


More or less close the genuine DMV grant test or driver’s permit test understanding:

  • The same number of inquiries as to the genuine article
  • Stops when you have arrived at passing or bombing score
  • Skip the same number of inquiries as you like

It’s a viable, non-exhausting approach to read for your composed DMV test, particularly in case you’re taking it just because. Select your vehicle and take each vehicle, bike or CDL practice test. This app has similar practice tests that we have on our site ( and is useful for the student’s grant test, driver’s permit test and the senior residents’ boost test. The composed piece of those tests is the equivalent.


Around 25% of our clients take the California tests for their CA DMV test. Our CDL practise test is a nearby second.


To ask us an inquiry, report a bug or an inquiry explicit grammatical error/botch, go to Settings → Report a slip-up. Email us straightforwardly at [email protected] We’re constantly happy to help!

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Download DMV Genie Permit Practice Test

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