Chime Mobile Banking
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Chime Mobile Banking

By Chime

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    WHAT's new in Chime Mobile App

    Chime App Download is frequently updating the app in order to give you the best android experience. Turn on auto-updates to ensure you always have the latest version.

    What’s up? it have got fixed some stuff. You probably won’t notice anything, but now you know. Oh… and stay beautiful.

    When opening the ATM map, it used to flicker uncomfortably. Now you will experience a smooth glide to your location as if guided by a world-class pilot.
    ChimeBot learned to display a few new visual elements in its tiny effort to make the world more beautiful.
    Shoutout to the lovely member responsible for this version’s update notes. Do you know who you are?

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    • Chime – Mobile Banking Screenshot
    • Chime – Mobile Banking Screenshot
    • Chime – Mobile Banking Screenshot
    • Chime – Mobile Banking Screenshot

    More about Chime Mobile App

    Welcome to banking made wonderful.

    Chime is mobile and internet banking with no concealed charges: get your check as long as 2 days early* with direct store, have expense-free overdraft when you’re after all other options have been exhausted, develop your investment funds consequently, and deal with your accounts like a manager utilizing the profoundly appraised Chime mobile banking app.

    What Is Chime App Features

    At the point when you bank with Chime, you get a Visa® Charge card, a Spending Record, and a discretionary Investment account to assist you with setting aside cash.

    Applying for a record is free, takes under 2 minutes and it won’t influence your financial assessment!

    This is what our individuals love most about Chime:

    • Get your check as long as 2 days early* with direct store
    • Charge-free overdraft.** We’ll spot you on platinum card purchases with no overdraft expenses.
    • No shrouded expenses: no month to month charges, no overdraft expenses, no remote exchange charges, no base equalization prerequisites
    • More than 32,000 expense-free ATMs with Moneypass and Visa In addition to Partnership
    • Continuous exchange warnings
    • Pay Insurance Premium
    • Day by day balance cautions
    • Square your card in a flash in-app
    • Develop your investment funds consequently with our Bank account
    • Send cash in a split second with Pay Companions to other Chime individuals.
    • Store checks utilizing Mobile Check Store for qualified members.^
    • Apple Pay™/Google Pay™ for when you overlook your wallet
    • Move cash between your other bank accounts
    • EMV chip card security
    • Inviting and responsive client service

    With the Chime mobile banking app, you can remain in charge of your cash. Track your spending, interface your other bank records, and set aside cash.

    The most effective method to switch banks:

    • Stage 1: Open Your Record: Download the app and sign up. When approved, we’ll send you your Chime card inside about fourteen days!
    • Stage 2: Reserve Your Record: Set up an immediate store with your boss or payer to have reserves kept to your Chime account each payday. You can likewise interface other bank records and move assets from your current bank account.
    • Stage 3: Update Bill Installments: Enact your card when it shows up, add it to Apple Pay, and set up repeating charge instalments with your Chime card number or with your Chime Spending Record and steering numbers. For more data please visit

    ***Learn how we gather and utilize your data by visiting our Protection Arrangement at strategy/.***

    Banking administrations gave by, and platinum card gave by, The Bancorp Bank, or Walk Bank, N.A., Individuals FDIC, as per a permit from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Plastic might be utilized wherever Visa charge cards are acknowledged.

    *Early access to coordinate store reserves relies upon the planning of payer’s accommodation of stores. We for the most part post such stores on the day they are gotten which might be as long as 2 days sooner than the payer’s booked instalment date.

    **Chime SpotMe is a discretionary, no charge administration that necessitates that you get $500 in direct store a month to meet all requirements to overdraw your record up to $20 on platinum card purchases. Chime, in its sole prudence, may enable you to pull back your record up to $100 or progressively dependent on your Chime Record history, direct store history and sum, spending movement and other hazard-based elements. Your Breaking point will be shown to you inside the Chime mobile app. You will get notice of any progressions As far as possible. Your Farthest point might be expanded or brought down whenever by Chime.

    ^Not all new or existing clients are qualified to utilize Mobile Store. There are capabilities and enlistment necessities for cooperation in Mobile Store, and we claim all authority to change the capability and enlistment prerequisites in our sole caution whenever without earlier notification. We may expect you to transfer an image of your driver’s permit or other recognizing reports before utilizing Mobile Store. Qualification prerequisites can be discovered online after you have marked into your Spending Record.

    More to know about Chime Mobile

    Now, a tech-built banking device.
    Chime allows mobile banking simple with more than 135,000 + five-star reviews in app stores with a sleek yet responsive banking app that manages everything from monitoring your expenses and investments to charging buddies. This operates on all mobile devices including iPhones, whether you’re on an iPhone ® computer or AndroidTM. Transfer money, send and deposit checks, pay bills and even automatically increase your savings without ever again worrying about the hidden banking fees.

    Also, know how to balance your budget.
    Stay up with your earnings. Our banking app sends notifications of daily bank account balances and instant transaction alerts whenever you use your debit card. No need to log in only to check your Chime balance. App notifications ensure that you always know where you stand so that with your money you can make better-informed decisions.

    Security in the banking sector done right.
    Security made things quick and easy. You can finally take charge of your banking protection and we’re providing everything you need to make it easy.

    Stop Debit Card Transactions Allow the card in our mobile app immediately with one tap. We placed you in control if you missed your debit card or had any unusual charges. Our security measures involve one-touch disabling of transfers and the ability to shut down overseas card transactions.

    Fast transaction notifications Automatic transaction warnings provide you with details of your debit card is used.

    Paychecks on going with pay from the remote app.
    Need check storage? Just use our mobile banking app to take a quick photo and see your account balance rise. No more slips to deposit, wait in line or submit checks via mail. Remote check deposit requires checks to be collected from anywhere.

    Send money to your friends and family straight away online.
    Send money to friends immediately via our mobile banking device. Our Pay Friends function allows you to send free mobile payments when you open an account with Chime to friends or family. No transaction fees for submitting transfers or monthly fees. Good for rent slicing or bar tab splitting. Begin sending the money with ease and immediately.

    Withdrawals of more than 38,000 + fee-free ATMs Free ATMs.
    Using our mobile app to find an ATM that is safe on the network and use your Chime debit card to make a transaction without charges. Withdrawals can be made at any of our MoneyPass ® and Visa ® Plus Alliance ATMs or cash-back locations with 38,000 + fee-free.

    Convenient money transfer.
    Money transfers only got a whole lot smoother with Chime’s mobile app. Move your money easily with just a few taps between your Spending Account and Savings Account when you need to. The app lets you link your external bank account, credit cards, and investment accounts so you can stay on top of all your account balances and transfer money to your Chime account quickly.

    We love Apps for mobile payment.
    Chime supports applications for mobile payment, including Apple PayTM, Google PayTM, and Samsung Pay. Combining smartphone pay chime ensures you can send your wallet behind. Just buy what you want and know just how much you’ve got — anywhere.

    We place your checks in your box.
    The Mobile Chime software allows you to send tests via e-mail. You will submit inspections to companies and individuals. Just let us know who to give it to, how much, and we’re going to make sure it gets to where it wants to be. Please consider us as your personal assistant and let us do the mailing for you.

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    Chime Mobile App: Which precisely is this? Things look different! To boost usability (and bring joy to our designers)

    Default Cover
    Chime Mobile Banking

    Chime Mobile App

    Banking with no hidden fees, fee-free overdraft, and early direct deposit.

    Version 5.75.1
    Size Varies with device
    Language System Default
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