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Briefing App Android for Samsung puts what’s important at your fingertips. Swipe left on your home screen to quickly access the latest news and stories. Select all your favourite topics and get full coverage and perspectives from the world’s most credible sources.

Features of Flipboard Briefing App Android

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Briefing provides a great summary of personalized news in a beautiful package. Invest in yourself, stay informed, and feel like you’ve spent your time well. Focus on what matters to you, not the random posts of other people’s lives.

You can disable Briefing by pinch zooming out on the home screen, then swipe to locate Briefing. Uncheck the box at the top, then tap to return to your home screen. If you have questions or need help, please select Contact at

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a newsreader and social app which allows you to follow important individuals, topics and publications. The social news site was introduced as a successful iPad app and has been accessible on many mainstream platforms since it was released in 2010. The collaborative digital magazine tool creates a news lecture experience based on the themes you have selected, published and read in the past. Here’s all the news and entertainment content you need to learn.

What is The Briefing App on Android?

Flipboard Briefing App Apk is a one-stop application for up-to-date data, event details, shopping and restaurant choices, weather predictions, stock prices and more. With a fast swipe to the right or left on your home screen, you can run through the best news of the day with a sleek magazine-style interface. Briefing presents consumers with a personalized rundown of the most relevant regional and local news — not an algorithm.

Across the over 30,000 subjects, the more you read the Briefing, the better it is tailored to your unique requirements and place, supplying the day with “secret histories.” You can even search for, comment, share or read topics in the latest version.

In contrast to the Flipboard app, Samsung users only have access to briefing. When you got an older telephone, then your phone’s AI, a personal assistant, may have Flipboard Briefing already installed, but also it might have been rolled up. This ensures that every time the handset changes it instantly unlocks. Alas, you can’t deinstall it, so if you don’t like it the “machine program” can be removed.

Here’s how to do it if your briefing app doesn’t appear or you want to disable it.

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Download Briefing

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